Best Blogging Practices for Businesses

        In recent years, many organizations have considered that whether their blog content will be of value to their bottom line. While it depends on your organization and what specifically you focus on and hope to achieve, blogging can be a great opportunity for some organizations to enter the social media world, present their company as people rather than marketing or P.R. and create a unique opportunity to get their name out there (Dan, n.d.).QQ图片20160429165509

        Whole Foods Market is the most popular retailer on Twitter and is a leading example of Twitter’s power to build millions of relationships a single customer at a time (Michael, 2010).” The Whole Foods Market has found an ideal method to get connects with all the customers and they can communicate more easily. Therefore, all the followers can get the latest news of the market, such as a new kind of vegetable, without going to the local market. Moreover, through the communication on Twitter, the customers can get many recipes on how to cook food and their complaint can be heard and solved immediately. Whole Foods Market is good at blogging.

        Do you want to grab readers’ attention? Now, you must know the 10 best practices for corporate blogging.QQ图片20160429165430

  1. Grab the readers’ attention immediately – Start your post off with something provocative that will make your audience want to read and learn more (Dan, n.d.)..
  2. Breakup your text with bullets and numbered lists (Dan, n.d.).
  3. Keywords matter – For the sake of search engine optimization (SEO), the keywords and phrases you use matter significantly, especially in the title of your blog post (Dan, n.d.).
  4. Write about what you know – Everyone’s an expert in something — what are your areas of strength? (Dan, n.d.).
  5. Refer to other blog posts and articles – Mentioning other people’s content can not only create a “starting point” for your own blogs but it is also a great social media practice and a way to get other authors’ attention. (Dan, n.d.).
  6. What do you read? – Shape your own blog posts and articles around things that you find interest in reading. (Dan, n.d.).
  7. Be controversial – Not every blog needs to be controversial, but certainly don’t avoid it if you think what you are saying might ruffle some feathers. (Dan, n.d.).
  8. Ask questions – Encourage interaction! (Dan, n.d.).
  9. Sharing is caring – The work doesn’t stop once you finish writing your blog. (Dan, n.d.).
  10. Check back and often – It’s important to check in on your blog from time to time and see if there are any new comments you should respond to. (Dan, n.d.).

Moreover, In order to realize the greatest opportunities for your business, you should build strong connections with others. Like The Tao of Twitter shared:

  • Following someone on Twitter. (Mark, 2014)
  • Looked for opportunities just say hello and compliment her when I saw her online. (Mark, 2014)
  • Read her tweets and, when I saw interesting connect, retweeted it to my followers. (Mark, 2014)QQ图片20160429165400
  • Started reading someone’s blog, commented on it, and in an act of authentic helpfulness, tweeted link to her blog to the people who follow me. (Mark, 2014)

   Social network has become more and more popular is because the marketing environment is undergoing great changes. Travelling now is very booming business in today’s society. More and more people have realized that going out to see the beautiful place is kind of new life style. Today, the rise of social media, has been brought us into the new generation. To online travel industry, the network has become a very important role, such as product booking, travel service and service complain. Success blogging can help a company meet more followers and get more opportunities. Social media is something that can give you a lot of opportunities to share something with your friend, this also is the rapid way, easy way and effective way to keep yourself up to date in today’s society.

        In a word, let’s put in this way, for without any social media tools, this will let yourself feel like blind and deaf. So, social media so important not only for your life, but also for your career! Let’s keep using them, it will make yourself life far better than if you don’t!


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Taking the Brand Social or Not Taking the Brand Social?

    In the digital age, social media plays more and more important roles for our life. It serves to keep everyone and everything connected. Companies often use social media to promote their brands, products and connect with customers by interactive marketing. Some brands worked well and were successful with ROI. Nevertheless, social media are a double-edged sword. There are also have challenges and risks experienced with taking the brand social, or not taking the brand social.


       For travel industry, there are many reasons to use social media. Social media is a great way of connecting people from all over the world on the internet. For example, when people use the internet, they can obtain information quickly from others and share that information on their social media accounts for their friends to read and share with their friends and connections. This is how posts become “viral”, because they spread like a virus to people around the world. Therefore, if travel industry not taking the brand social, they will lose the market share and cannot disseminate information far and wide.

     However, there is no doubt that many of you are aware of some of the risks that activity on social media. In the age of social media, a company can have a mistake exposed that could destroy its consumer relationships very quickly. An example of one social media failure was a campaign sought out by SeaWorld. It was their attempt to obtain feedback, create communication, and maintain transparency between the business and its consumers. There was an attempt to repair its recently damaged image by implementing the #AskSeaWorld hashtag. The original question was: Ask @SeaWorld your questions on Twitter! We’ll have an expert respond here (Morris, 2015).  As the normal person could have expected, this particular campaign backfired almost instantaneously. SeaWorld created an open forum to be bashed, and for criticism. The attempts of repairing their brand image failed, they just tarnished it further than before. Not only did #AskSeaWorld fail because of individuals tweets to @SeaWorld, it failed because the “experts” responding just berated the internet “trolls” that commented negatively. SeaWorld did not cease bashing on trolls in which infuriated more and more individuals.

     When taking the brand social, there will have some challenges and risks, such as public relations crisis, security breach, offending your audience and sticky-fingered competition (Craig, 2013). But, if you not taking the brand social, you will spend more money on advertising and will lose your market share. Therefore, a social media marketing team should look into a variety of facets before implementing a campaign. Marketers should evaluate the market they are targeting, what moves them emotionally, what motivates them, etc. Having this understanding could result in the customers having more of an emotional attachment to the company and assist in the success of the campaign.


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Mobile Application

        Mobile application is a type of application software designed to run on a mobile device (Yasir, 2016). With everyone holding a cellphone on their hand, the competition on apps becomes fierce. Successful applications help a company become more famous and attract more consumers.


        Before I came to America, I went to an English training school to study English. When I consult the course, the course consultant offered me a mobile phone application, which is very helpful for me in studying English.

        This mobile application is called “Learning English”, which is an application specially designed for this English training school. There are two functions in this app: English study and contact us. In the English study section, it is similar to the ”Rosetta Stone” method of studying, which is “the most famous method for learning languages (Baggio, 2016).” When the students learn English words, they cannot get the Chinese meaning of this word. Instead, they can only get the translation of this word in English, which is called “paraphrase”. For example, when the students learn the word “banana”, they can learn from the app that “it is a yellow tropical fruit, and it is favored by monkeys”. Therefore, the student can learn many new words by using this app by using English translation.

        In terms of the “contact us” section, it is a huge success for this English training school because it brings the school’s service to consumers. When the students learn words and expressions through this app, they may encounter some problems. Simultaneously, they can ask their tutor for help in the “contact us” section. Students can talk to their tutor anytime from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. Consequently, their problems can be solved immediately. Moreover, students can get the up-date information about the course schedule. When it comes to summer holiday, there will be more courses at this school. The students can schedule their course according to their time plan.

        In conclusion, this mobile social media application has successfully driven this school’s services to consumers. In other words, this application is a very successful one because it attracted many potential consumers and when they get used to this app, they will pay for their tuition and begin to study in this school. Every year, half of the students are attracted by this app and are wiling to study in this school. From my point of view, more functions can be added to this app. For instance, this school can hire some America university students to communicate with their school students through this app. These American university students are qualified native speakers who receive higher education and they can get some income through this program. For the students in language training school, they can get a good chance of talking to improve their English.


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Social Media Application


    In the digital age, social media has become an increasingly important tool for businesses. It serves to keep everyone and everything connected. If you have a business, you should use different social media platforms to reach more customers and build relationships with them.

        Most companies are using Facebook to grow their business. Facebook has a large user base, and a great amount of the companies’ potential customers are using it. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for the companies to make their online sales, increase followings for their brand, create platforms where customers can discuss the products and when done successfully, let people spread the word about your qualities ( For our company, we have a Facebook page where we can interact with our customers. It not only can help promote our business but also can help us find new customers.

3Google+ is another social media tool which we are using. On Google+ you can upload and share videos, photos, links with others, and segment your followers into smaller groups by Google+ circles. Google+ Hangouts can be as a free online meeting software to help you host video conferences. Best of all, you can keep the recordings to add to your YouTube channel, boosting your video content (Kristi, 2013). Therefore, Google+ Communities allow you to hear your followers’ voices, feedbacks and opinions, truly connecting you with the online society.

Twitter is another popular social media tool for businesses. It has hundreds of millions of users, and over 500 million Tweets are being sent each day. By following tweeters in your industry or related fields, you could gain a steady stream of followers in return( It is a great opportunity for businesses to reach a global audience of existing and new customers

.                                                                                                  5
YouTube is also an important tool in social media arsenal. It is the number one place for creating video contents. Hence, many businesses create video content within YouTube, and hope their videos “go viral”. However, you should notice that using YouTube for businesses does not work well for traditional types of advertising. Therefore, you should create contents, not Ads. You’d better have a clear call to action and connect the contents with it. Video content is a way to capture attention, hopefully entertain or inform, and build a relationship (Wayne, 2013).

All in all, all of your social media platforms should be interconnected with your brands, linking with and creating contents for your businesses. Moreover, all of them should support the main goals of your businesses and offer valuable contents to your customers. Using social media is the most effective way and the cheapest option for your businesses.

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Comparing and Contrasting Facebook & Wechat

         With the rapid development of technology, there is huge change in social media field, especially for people’s communication. Based on different culture of east and west world, Facebook and Wechat are two of the most famous social medium all of the world.


       QQ图片20160508161905Facebook is the biggest social networking which creates an online place for people to meet, share photos and videos, send messages, play games and more. According to the Facebook report in 2015, that it had 1.44 billion mobile monthly active users as of December 31, 2015. By the end of 2015 Facebook had 1.59 billion monthly active users ( The first impression about Facebook to people is both a public webpage and a mobile application for people’s communication. People can post personal information, life activities, studying information and so on to Facebook with words, pictures, videos, etc. Anyone can share anything in Facebook. It does not only include the personal communication, but also many business activities that can be found in Facebook, such as advertisements.

(Facebook: ).


QQ图片20160508161541WeChat, with about 300 million users world-wide. While the majority of its users are still in China.  Wechat is very popular in China, almost everyone who has a cellphone has a Wechat account, because it is very convenience for people’s communication. The first impression to people about Wechat is a mobile communication application. People can send word messages, voice massages, pictures, small videos to friends or share anything to “Group”. It also includes some financial services with which every Wechat account can be connected with the bank account to allow people to make purchases, transfers, payment, etc.

(Wechat: ).

        Facebook and Wechat are both communication social medium. However, there are some obvious differences between them. Wechat is only a mobile application, the main function is for connection with other people. Wechat is good at privacy. Your information and connections are only limited within a group friends. People that are not your friends cannot see anything about you before you add them as friends. Moreover, the pictures, words, videos you post can only be seen by your friends. Also, you can choose to only disclose your posts to certain friends that you want them to see. On the other hand, Facebook can be seen to public. Even though Facebook also has the mobile application, but the functions are different from Wechat. Everyone can have a personal page on Facebook, and you can update all your information about your life from born to now, such as born city, the city you have stayed, the school you stayed, the job you had before at any time. You can post your daily life with words, pictures, and videos and share them with everyone on Facebook or just with your friends. Therefore, Facebook is a society based on internet and better for sharing information to public, whereas Wechat is more personal and better for connecting with only friends.

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